SoCal Media

Up to the 2016 election, stressed as we all were, I found a moments of peace in painting. As I pondered if I should leave my job managing the painting studio for Bjarne Melgaard, worried about a failing love affair and worried about some health issues, I began to need to calm myself in my studio. I caught myself drawing these images of surfers on foggy mornings over and over again, and I realized that I was reliving my childhood memories; going to the beach in the early morning  and watching the surfers navigate the water. I learned a lot about peace and patience from watching these people. Even if a good wave never came, it was worth it for so many to come and be in the water. Painting is a similar meditation for me, being totally present in a moment, waiting for the right moment. These paintings, objects of meditation, are a beautiful way to remember to sit and wait.


I upload every surfer image I make to this Instagram account. I keep changing the name of the account depending on what I need it to do.

It's important to find that moment where the people who will love what you do can find you and appreciate the work you put in for them. What we attract, we can manifest!


I hope that by treating this work like other social media commerce, that I will be able to better connect to type of people who appreciate the quite moments.

These paintings are each unique and are made with a wide variety of fabrics from my ever growing collection. Take a look!


This art becomes less and less for an art audience and more and more for the kind of people who need a moment of calm. Just relax and take your time.

Every painting is deeply invested in showing a moment; the feel of air, the warmth of water, the mind turning and letting go of it's worries.